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what is affirmative insurance?

                                                                                                                            Affirmative Insurance.Affirmative Insurance. provides individual shoppers non-standard personal car insurance policies and different connected product through its subsidiaries, freelance agents and independent underwriting agencies within the us. The company offers liability-only policies together with bodily injury liability coverage, property harm liability coverage, personal injury protection coverage, and medical payment coverage. It additionally offers full coverage policies together with collision coverage, comprehensive coverage so on.

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Affirmative Insurance

Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc

Traded as AFFM
Industry Property & Casualty Insurance
Founded 1998
Headquarters Addison, Texas
Key people
Michael J. McClure
Operating income
US$ 209.761 million (2012)
Total assets US$ 338.395 million (2012)
Total equity US$ 133.254 million (2012)
Website www.affirmative.com
In 1998, the corporate based in Addison, American state as Instant

Insurance Holdings, Inc.

In 2003, the corporate completed the acquisition of 2 non-standard car insurance firms from Vesta Insurance cluster, Inc.
In 2004, the corporate completed the Initial Public providing.
In 2007, the corporate completed the acquisition of USAgencies, a supplier of non-standard car insurance.

In 2013, Confie Seguros,

a chop-chop growing national supplier of private lines insurance signed Associate in Nursing agreement to accumulate the retail distribution arm of Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc. about texas
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