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sunheri policy table 73

 sunheri policy table 73  

sunheri policy table 73   is an innovative life insurance product. it is versatile, secure and meets the challenges of inflation quite economically.this plan has a special feature form the third policy year onwards the sum assured under the policy and the premium will increase by 6%p.a. however, the policyholder has a right not to increase and pay the same amount as last year.in such an event the sum assured under the policy will remain the same as last year.
if the client has refused the rise three times throughout the term of the policy then he are needed to produce proof of eligibility for more will increase.
form the third policy year onward the policyholder is provided with a statement every year. showing the buildup of the cash value of the policy and sum assured for the year.
sunheri policy table 73 salient features.

sunheri policy benefits upon assured

the assured dies during the first 2 years of the policy, then the initial basic sum assured will be payable. if the assured dies in the third or later policy year, then the death benefit payable will equal the sum assured applicable to the policy year of death plus the adjusted opening cash value.
sunheri policy.

maturity benefit

the policy matures on the policy anniversary nearest to age 70 years of the policyholder.the maturity benefit equals the cash value of the policy at age 70.

admissible ages and terms

the admissible ages are from 20 to 60, nearest birthday. the policy matures on the policy day nearest to age seventy years.
sunheri policy table 73

cash value

there will be no cash value in the first policy year. in the 2nd policy year the cash value will be 30% of the basic 2nd year premium which will be available only at surrender of the policy and will not be reckoned in the calculation of cash value at other durations or for anther purpose. after three years.. after three years.[table id=51 /]


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