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state life insurance policy

state life insurance policy hereby issues the policy on the basis of the proposal and declaration received from the purpose. the name of the proposer and the date

of proposal and deceleration are shown schedule of the policy. the owner of the policy is the purposes including his/her successors and assignees.

the policy witness that if the policyholder will pay to state life all the premiums, as stated in the schedule,state life shall in return, pay the sum insured to the person mentioned in the schedule after state life is satisfied that the event described in the schedule has happened and that the person claiming payment has a right to receive it.

for this purpose, state life may ask for submission of any requirements deemed necessary by it.the policy and all payment under this policy are subject to the printed privileges and condition and to any endorsements made on this policy on the behalf of state life which together with the schedule, proposal, and declaration form part of this policy.

LIFE INSURANCE POLICY OF STATE LIFE  this policy is referable to Pakistan life fund

state life insurance policy



the sum insured including bonuses if any declared under this policy are guaranteed as to payment in cash by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. under article 35 of the life insurance(nationalization) order 1972.


premium is payable yearly in advance directly to state-life, advance payment of half-yearly, quarterly and monthly premiums will be accepted as installments of the yearly premiums. if the life insured dies, the unpaid installments for that policy year if any will be deducted from whatever amount is otherwise payable by state life.


the policyholders can pay to state life any premium within a grace period of 31 days after it falls due. if the life insured dies during the grace period, before the due premium is received by state life, then the due premium will be treated as received, but it will be deducted from whatever amount is otherwise payable by state life.if the grace period expires before due premium is received by state life, the policy will lapse unless it is kept in force under the option B clause of the policy. the laps date will be taken as the due date of the premium in default. no claim whatsoever shall lie against state life under a lapsed policy.

state life insurance policy


all lapsed policies may be considered for revival by state-life, upon receipt of evidence, free of cost and satisfactory to state life that the life insured is eligible for life insurance. depending on the duration of laps, state life may either require a declaration of good health by the life insured, his/her personal statement or his /her full medical examination report. in any case, state life may require other reports if deemed addition, all arrears of premium together with profit or return to date at a rate determined by state life form time to time must be received by state life before the revival of a lapsed policy can be considered. state life reserves the right to declined or defer revival of lapsed policy or to offer revival on modified terms, a policy lapse for more than 5 years will not be considered for revival.


state life will convert this policy into a paid-up policy, ate the written request of the policyholder provide the policy has been in force at least to consecutive policy years and no premiums are in default. no further premiums will be payable but the sum insured will be reduced. the reduced paid-up sum insured will be quoted by state life on the request of the policyholder.

any bonuses attached to the policy will be taken into consideration while determining the paid-up sum insured.a policy once paid up will not be entitled to any further bonuses. if there are any outstanding dues of state life against the policy, the paid-up sum insured will be specially calculated to allow for the clearance of all such outstanding dues.


The policy will acquire a surrender value after it has been in force for at least two consecutive years provided no premiums are in default. The surrender value will be quoted by state life on request of the policyholder. the surrender value is guaranteed to be not less than 30% aggregate premiums. aggregate premiums mean all premiums paid under the policy excluding the following.

A-premiums for the first policy year.

B-extra premiums, and

C- premiums for any supplementary contracts.

this policy may be surrendered at the written request of the policyholder. state life will then pay him /her the net surrender value of the policy if any. net surrender value wherever it appears in this policy means the surrender value of the policy less outstanding dues of state life for loans given automatic premium loans together with accrued profit or return.


state life may grant a loan to the policyholder on his/her written request, against the net surrender value of the policy. the amount of loan shall not exceed 80% of the said net surrender value. the rate of profit or return and the other terms and conditions will be determined by state life at the time of granting the of less then RS will not be given.

the amount of loan together with accrued profit or return will be the first charge on the policy, prior to all other claims.s


if the policy has acquired a surrender value and a premium has remained unpaid beyond the grace period, the policyholder will be entitled to benefits under one of the following to options given hereinafter, depend ing on the option exercised in his proposal for this policy,

option -A;Automatic paid up

option-B; Automatic Premium loan

provided the surrender value of the policy exceeds the total of due premium(s) remaining unpaid and any other amount owed to state life.the option can be exercised at the time of taking the policy or at any time thereafter while the policy is in force. the option can be changed subsequently by written intimation to an endorsement in the policy by state life, so long as now, premiums remain unpaid beyond the grace period. if no option has been exercised by the policyholder, benefits under automatic paid up option will apply.

  • Automatic paid-up Option

This policy will be converted into a paid-up policy. The paid-up sum insured will be specially calculated to allow for the clearance of all outstanding dues of State Life against the policy.

No further premium (s) will be payable but the sum insured will be reduced. Any bonuses attached to the policy will be taken into consideration while determining the paid-up sum insured. A policy once paid-up will not be entitled to any further bonuses. If the specially calculated paid-up sum insured works out to be less than Rs.100 the policy will not be converted into the paid-up but will be treated as having been forfeited losing all benefits. A policy, thus made paid- up may be revived for full sum insured as per provision of condition No.4 above.

B-Automatic Premium Loan Option;

So long as the net surrender value of the policy equals or exceeds any due premium remaining unpaid beyond its grace period, State Life will continue to keep this policy in full force and treat the said by creating an automatic premium loan against the net surrender value of the policy.

When the net surrender value of the policy becomes less than a due premium remaining unpaid beyond its grace period, the policy will be kept in full force for a further broken period. This broken period will bear the same proportion to the full period of the unpaid premium as the net surrender value bears to the unpaid premium. The policy will automatically be forfeited and lose all benefits at the expiry of the said broken period.

Profit or return will be charged an automatic premium loan rates determined by the State Life from time to time. So long as an automatic premium loan along with profit or return is outstanding against this policy, the payment received by state life will be the first to be applied to reduce this debt.


No benefits will be paid by state life under this policy unless the age of the life insured has been proved to its satisfaction.

If the age of the life insured is proved to be different from that stated in the proposal of this policy, State Life will adjust the premiums or benefits under the policy as it deems fit.

This policy will, however, become void from its commencement date is proved to be higher than the maximum entry age that was permissible by State Life under the table and terms of insurance mentioned in the proposal of this policy.


If the life insured commits suicide within thirteen months from the date this policy was signed or within thirteen months from the date this policy was last revived then State Life will only refund premiums actually received under this policy,


All amounts payable b State Life shall be paid in Pakistan Currency at the Principal Office or office of the issue mentioned the policy.


Notice of Assignment and Nomination, duly attested must be submitted for registration at the office of the issue mentioned in this policy.

In registering an assignment or a nomination, State Life does not accept any responsibility for its validity, legal effect or meaning.


Supplementary benefits (if any) and the corresponding premiums payments will be governed by the terms of the supplementary contracts attached to this policy. Premiums for these benefits will, however, be payable on the same dates as premiums under this policy.


State life may issue premium notices although there is no obligation on its part to do so. It is the duty of the policyholder to pay the premium on its due date or within the grace period whether premium notice is received or not.


Policies are incontestable with regard to statements made in the proposal after two years from the date of issue\revival\reinstatement of policy except for fraudulent and willful misstatement of material facts or on account of breach of any of the conditions of the policy.


The policy is free from all restrictions as to travel, residence and occupation.


This policy shall be liable to be canceled at the options of  the policyholder within 14 days of its commencement date and if the policyholder cancels the policy within that time all amounts paid by way of premium shall be refunded without any deduction for management expenses, other than expenses, other then expenses incurred in connection with the medical examination of any person insured under the policy.No person shall offer any inducement to a person for the purpose of  procuring  that person to cancel his policy in accordance with this rule.


Where  payment under  this policy becomes due and the person entitled thereto has complied with all requirements, including the filing of the complete papers, for claiming the payment,the State Life shall,if it fails to make the payment within the period of 90 days from the date  on which the payment becomes due of the date on which the claimant complies with the requirements, whichever is later, pay as liquidated damages on the amounts so payable unless State Life proves that such a failure was due to circumstances beyond its control.

For the purpose of the clause, failure or delay by any person in making payment(including without any limitation payment under a contract of reinsurance] to State Life shall not constitute circumstances beyond the control of State Life.

The liquidated damages payable under this clause shall be payable of the period during which the failure continues and shall be calculated at monthly rests at the rate five percent higher than the prevailing base rate as defined in section 2(viii) of the Insurance Ordinance,200.

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