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SHADABAD PLAN TABLE 36 this plan will meet the requirements of those who appreciate the basic saving purpose of endowment insurance and the bonuses and terminal bonuses payable. but they might like some extra cowl to guard their favorite. once just in case they die, ALLAH forbids, before maturity.


1000 basic endowment with profits sum insured, this will be entitled to all the usual bonuses, and terminal bonuses declared from time to time on endowment with a profit of the same term.


on death during the policy term form any cause and additional single sum assured will be payable in a lump sum.adding this to the endowment amount of 1,000 payable on death the total death benefits will be 2,000


on death by accident, an additional double sum assured will be payable. adding this to the amount of double sum assured mentioned above total payable on death by accident will be four-time sum assured.

rider can be added:

family income benefit FIB rider term insurance rider TIR special waiver of premium swp accident indemnity benefit AIB hospital and surgical rider H&S refundof premium rider RPR can be added to the shahdabad plan subject to usual underwriting consideration,restriction on entry ages and aged of cessation of cover and other term and condition of the relevant rider endorsement.Image result for shad abad plan

shadabad table 36
shadabad table 36
On completion of term of policy,

sum insured and bonuses hooked up to the policy are collectible. However, on death throughout the policy term, the death benefit consists of double of sum insured with accrued bonuses. In case of death thanks to accident, the death benefit consists of four times the sum insured plus bonuses. The coverage will be additional widened by attaching supplementary covers with the policy.
RIDERS THAT CAN BE ADDED. FIB TIR SWP AIB H&S RPR will be aded to a shadabad arrange.
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