rates book of state life insurance

medical requirments
medical requirments


rates book of state life is the most important and effective sales tools of the sale personal are the premium rate book, which provides detail for the available planes of life insurance cover currently in-force in state life and their premium rates.

A thorough grasp of the text of the client and then suggest to them the most suitable cover(s) to fulfill their needs(s).

rates book of state life

this technique in selling will result in the increase of satisfied policyholder in their clientele who will be a great source of publicity for them and for their organization.

however the satisfied client may be at the time of taking a policy, he needs to be constantly serviced thereafter through personal contact by the sales representative concerned, for, besides changes required in existing policy, his needs of insurance may also be change with the change in his status and other environments.

regular contact with the policyholder, not only help in maintaining good persistency of business but also in getting more new business form him and through him form his relatives, friends, and acquaintances.

we are confident that with the skill, knowledge, and training imparted to our salesperson for effective pre and post-sale services. they will keep their own as well as corporation s image high in the eyes of ensuring public and thereby achieve a job- satisfaction of higher order.

in this edition, we have extended the family income benefits rider(FIB)premium rates form maturity age 60 to 65

1-the premium rates given in this book are applicable to all new life insurance policies issued by the corporation.

2-the rate is the basic annual rates for RS1000/ sum assured unless mentioned.

3-for the policy of sum assured 3,00,000and above sum assured, the basic annual premium per thousand sum -assured will be reduced 50 paise.

4- if the mode of premium payment is other then yearly.

mode————— factor

half- yearly——-0.52



description and premium rates

whole life assurance table o1

whole life assurance by limited payment   table 02

endowment assurance         table 03

progressive assurance    table 04

anticipated endowment assurance  table 05

joint life endowment assurance   table 06

child protection assurance  table 07

endowment assurance by single premium  table 09

family pension assurance  table 12

big deal    table 14

optional maturity assurance   table 17

rural life assurance     table 18

jeevan sathi assurance     table 19

mortgage protection- annual premium    table 22

mortgage protection – single premium   table 23

term assurance-annual premium        table 24

term assurance single premium         table 25

annuities              table 26,27,28,29,31

shadabad assurance       table 36

personal pension scheme     table 71

sunehri policy         table  73

sadabahar plan      table 74

child education & marriage plan with FIB   table 75

child education & marriage plan without FIB   table 76

shehnai policy   table 77

muhafiz plus assurance        table 78

committee policy    table  79

salary saving plan

rate book of state life insurance

supplementary contract/ riders

accidental indemnity benefits       AIB

accidental death benefits     ADB

family income benefits    FIB

guaranteed insurability   GI

hospital and surgical benefits   H & S

non-declinature scheme  ND

refund of premium rider   RPR

special waiver  of  premium  SWP

waiver of premium     wp

term insurance rider     TIR

state life forms

under writing guideline 2017

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