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Ingle International

Ingle International is a Canadian insurance cluster of firms based mostly in Toronto, . it provides travel insurance merchandise to numerous sorts of travelers, as well as international students, snowbirds, expatriates, and unsound travelers.

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  • Ingle International was established in 1946 beneath the name John Ingle Insurance by John and Muriel Ingle, as a insurance supplier for newcomers and immigrants to North American nation. the corporate 1st began to supply student insurance in 1950. International student insurance was introduced in 1960, with the primary travel insurance for snowbirds introduced in 1988.

    John Ingle Insurance was rebranded as Ingle International many years after Robin Ingle, son of John and Muriel, 1st took over the corporate in 1985. In 1991, the Ontario provincial government terminated its North American nation health coverage for Canadian travelers. As a result, Ingle International developed the primary formal Snowbird Insurance set up for the province of Ontario, by the direct request of the Ontario insurance set up (OHIP).

    In 1998, it called Ingle Health at the time, was oversubscribed to the investment arm of a Canadian establishment. In 2001, the previous president of Ingle Insurance, Robin Ingle, supported Imagine money, that operates as a Canadian managing general agent (MGA).

    In 2002, once a non-public settlement between Robin Ingle and also the establishment that purchased the corporate, Ingle Health resumed operations in North American nation as Ingle, currently functioning as a managing general insurance company (MGU) and managing general underwriter (MGA).

    In 2006, the Ingle cluster of firms was created, including Ingle International, and also the freshly supported Novus Health, a health navigation and upbeat solutions supplier. In 2008, Peak Contact, a technology development company was supported and joined the cluster. In 2011, bold 24/7 was launched associated additional to the Ingle cluster of firms as an emergency travel and medical help service.In 2013, sisu production was supported and joined the Ingle cluster as a media and digital production company.

    In 2013, Ingle International dilated internationally and the company introduced new implementations to existing merchandise, like third-party liability and homestay insurance for international students and homestay families.


    Ingle International operates internationally and has offices in Canada, the United States, Chile, Mexico, Malta,and Brazil, and also the business is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The current CEO and chairman of the Ingle cluster of firms are Robin Ingle.

    Ingle International’s primary product is travel insurance, as well as medical and non-medical coverage to international and domestic travelers. extra services area unit accessible to international students, snowbirds, expatriates, groups, and unsound travelers.

    Ingle International offers custom services with its cluster of firms, as well as Novus Health, Peak Contact, bold 24/7, and sisu production. As a result, the corporate is ready to draw from a wider array of resources, starting from technological solutions to in-house media production.

    Educational and Charitable Affiliations

    Ingle International works with academic establishments and charity teams to produce insurance, travel, health, and education trade with relevant info concerning the insurance trade. Ingle International has supported organizations like CAPS-I, Languages North American nation, the Canadian polygenic disorder Association, the Canadian CF Foundation, March of Dimes North American nation, and athletics North American nation, and sponsored trade events, like CBIE, CAPS-I, Languages North American nation, BCCIE, MCIE, EduNova, Go international aggregation, ICEF, the ten Most influential Canadians, and also the diplomat Ball.

    2012 – International Travel Insurance Journal’s Insurer/Underwriter of the Year award
    2012 and 2013 – Insurance-Canada Technology Award contender
    2013 – International Travel Insurance Journal’s Assistance/Claims Handler contender
    2014 – Insurance-Canada Technology Award Winner


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