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First Assurance Kenya Limited is an insurance company in Kenya. It is

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a member of Barclays Africa Group.The company was founded in 1930

(FAKL), also First Assurance Company Limited, is an insurance company in Kenya. It is a member of Barclays Africa Group.

(FAKL), additionally initial Assurance Company restricted, is AN underwriter in Kenya. it’s a member of Barclays continent cluster.

The company was based in 1930 as Prudential Assurance Company, later re-branding to its gift name. In 2015, Barclays continent cluster of South continent nonheritable sixty three.3 % property in FAKL for AN calculable KSh2.9 billion. the first shareholders received KSh2.2 billion and Barclays continent injected KSh700 million new capital into the business.


FAKL may be a key monetary services supplier in East continent. As at Gregorian calendar month 2014, the company’s total assets were valued at KSh seven.11 billion (approx. US$71 million), with shareholders’ equity valued at KSh2.162 billion (approx. US$21.6 million). In 2015, the corporate had 132 workers, with over fifty,000 policyholders normally, medical and cluster life assurance. The insurance company has 5 branches in Kenya; one branch every in Kisumu, Mombasa, and Nakuru; and 2 branches in Nairobi. It additionally has branches in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. In June 2014, the corporate was rated “A-, with Stable Outlook”, by world Credit Rating Company of South continent.


The shares of this companyare in camera command. The property within the stock of the corporate is illustrated within the table below:[1]

First Assurance African nation restricted Stock possession
Rank Name of Owner Percentage possession
1 Barclays insurance Kenya 63.3
2 First Assurance Investment

3 Syndicate Nominees

Total 100.00
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