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Definition and meaning of insurance

Definition and meaning of insurance

Definition and meaning of insurance insurance is an association in that you pay money to an organization, and they pay money to you if something unsightly occurs to you, as an instance if your private home is stolen or damaged, or in case you get an extreme infection.
the insurance business enterprise paid out for the stolen jewelry and silver.
we recommend which you take out travel insurance on all holidays.

in case you do something as coverage against something ugly going on, you do it to shield yourself in case the unsightly component occurs.
the USA needs a defense capability as insurance against the unexpected.
extra synonyms of insurance’

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insurance in British
the act, machine, or commercial enterprise of providing monetary protection for belongings, existence, health, and so forth, in opposition to certain contingencies, which include dying, loss, or harm, and concerning price of ordinary premiums in go back for a coverage making sure such protection
the nation of getting such safety
additionally referred to as insurance coverage
the policy supplying such safety

the pecuniary amount of such safety

the top class payable in go back for such protection
insurance agent
coverage broking
insurance enterprise
a way of shielding or safeguarding towards chance or damage
insurance in American
an insuring or being insured in opposition to loss; a system of safety against loss wherein a number of individuals conform to pay sure sums (rates) periodically for a assure that they may be compensated underneath stipulated situations for any unique loss via fireplace, accident, demise, etc.
an agreement ensuring such protection

Definition and meaning of insurance
insurance is an association in that you often pay cash to an employer, and that they pay you if something awful occurs to you or your private home.
the house needed to be demolished, and the insurance enterprise promptly paid us the coverage restriction.
the availability permits an investor to buy coverage towards an organization defaulting on its debt bills.
coverage is an association in which you regularly pay money to an employer, and they pay you if something horrific takes place to you or your private home.
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insurance is an arrangement in which you pay cash to an organization, and they offer monetary protection for your home, life, or health, paying you in case of death, loss, or harm.
for insurance functions, the phrase “incapacity” could have a unique and particular meaning so one can be defined in the policy worried.
regularly the person arranging your coverage will fee prices in addition to receiving a commission.
coverage is an arrangement in that you pay cash to an enterprise, and that they offer economic protection for your property, lifestyles, or fitness, paying you in case of demise, loss, or damage.
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coverage in insurance
(coverage: trendy)
coverage is a policy that provides economic protection for your home, existence, or fitness, paying you in case of loss of life, loss, or damage.
earlier than buying coverage, make certain that the coverage provided exactly suits your wishes.
uninsured motorists coverage will pay for fees because of a coincidence concerning a success-and-run motive force or a driving force who does no longer have coverage.
insurance is a policy that offers financial safety for your private home, lifestyles, or health, paying you in case of demise, loss, or harm.
insurance in coverage
insurance: preferred
insurance is the economic quantity of safety that you get hold of for your own home, lifestyles, or fitness in case of loss of life, loss, or harm.
you need to test the dollar limits of insurance to your policy and ensure you’re secure with the quantity of coverage you have got for precise gadgets.
complete insurance covers all losses, with no deductions, as much as the quantity of the coverage.
insurance is the financial quantity of protection that you acquire for your private home, life, or health in case of death, loss, or damage.
example sentences containing ‘insurance’
these examples had been routinely decided on and can comprise touchy content material. read extra…
need to you get coverage for the boiler?
the solar (2017)
you do no longer have to pay countrywide coverage on any of it.
times, Sunday times (2016)
the coverage business enterprise is extra at ease if the circle of relatives actions in.
instances, Sunday times (2016)
lawyers and insurance brokers are the most probable to get dressed well.
the solar (2016)
there may be also the capacity for further fee protection insurance claims.
instances, Sunday times (2016)
your insurance coverage may simplest payout in case you do so.
the sun (2016)
the alternate in regulation would imply obligatory 1/3-celebration injury and harm coverage for all cars worried in sports activities.
instances, Sunday times (2016)
insurance commercial enterprise is quite mobile.
times, Sunday instances (2016)
you don’t suppose your home is going to burn down, but you pay for a coverage policy in case it does.
times, Sunday times (2016)
within the Nineteen Seventies, we may want to call six universities, the bottom few as comforting coverage in case you obtain decrease grades than you were hoping.
times, Sunday times (2016)
insurance is one of the 4000 most normally used phrases inside the Collins dictionary

  • American Englishinsurance
  • Arabicتَأْمِيـنُ
  • Brazilian Portugueseseguro
  • Chinese保险
  • Croatianosiguranje
  • Czechpojištění
  • Danishforsikring
  • Dutchverzekering
  • European Spanishseguro aseguradora
  • Finnishvakuutus
  • Frenchassurance
  • GermanVersicherung
  • Greekασφάλιση
  • Italianassicurazione
  • Japanese保険
  • Korean보험
  • Norwegianforsikring
  • Polishubezpieczenie
  • European Portugueseseguro
  • Romanianasigurare
  • Russianстраховое соглашение
  • SpanishSeguro  contrato de aseguración
  • Swedishförsäkring
  • Thaiการประกัน
  • Turkishsigorta  poliçe
  • Ukrainianстрахування
  • Vietnamesebảo hiểm

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