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contact us here all of zonal offices address available to avail any services about loan surrender death claim maturity and other like renomination
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zonal office of state life
ADDRESS OF ZONAL OFFICES of state life PRINCIPAL OFFICE STATE LIFE BUILD NO 9DR.ZIAUDDIN AHMED ROAD P.O BOX5725 KARACHI TELEPHONE; PABX;(021)9202800-9UAN111-111-888                                                     FAX(021)9202826 TELEGRAM…STATE LIFE… contact us
Phone No.Fax No.Email IDs
Central Region042-99205130042-99205129[email protected]
Lahore Central Zone042-99211010 042-99210260042-99211028[email protected]
Lahore Western Zine042-99211804 042-99213958042-99211028 042-99211731[email protected]
Faisalabad Zone041-9200638 041-9200639041-9200391[email protected]
Sargodha Zone048-9230624048-9230627[email protected]
Gujranwala Zone055-9200294 055-9200293055-9200283[email protected]
Sialkot Zone052-9250102052-9250109[email protected]
South Region021- 99217048021-99217034[email protected].
Karachi South Zone021-99238044 021-99217021021-99217025[email protected]
Karachi Eastern Zone021-34520810021-34538104[email protected]
Karachi Centarl Zone021-99260019 021-99260025021-99260012[email protected]
Quetta Zone081-9201495 081-9202088081-9201998[email protected]
Hyderabad Region022- 9201483
Hyderabad Zone022-9200189 022-9200350022-9200621[email protected].
Mirpurkhas Zone0233-92902010233-9290209[email protected]
Sukkar Zone071-9310524 071-9310502071-9310502[email protected]
Larkana Zone074-9410807074-9410802[email protected]
North Region051-9203702051-9205226[email protected]
Rawalpindi Zone051-9271362 051-9271381051-9271356[email protected]
Mirpur(AK) Zone05827-92746105827-927466[email protected]
Islamabad Zone051-9206073051-9205372[email protected].
Peshawar Zone091-9211582 091-9211583 091-9211590091-5211593[email protected]
Abbottabad Zone0992-341816 0992-3418170992-9310353 0992-341539
Gujrat Zone053-9260241 053-9260254053-9260244[email protected]
Multan Zone061-9200675061-9200778[email protected]
Rahim Yar Khan Zone068-9230032068-9230028[email protected]
Sahiwal Zone040-9200036 040-9200032040-9200024[email protected]
Dera .Ghazi .Khan Zone064-9239104 064-9239147064-2470613[email protected]
Bahawal Pur Zone062-9239229062-9255173[email protected]

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E-MAIL ADRESS;[email protected] ADDRESS OF ZONAL OFFICES of state life SOUTHERN REGIONS contact us KARACHI (SOUTH)                                                       State Life building No.2 Wallace Road, Karachi. UAN; 111-555-888, 9217001-20 KARACHI(CENTRAL) State  Life building No.12 (Hashoo Centre), 5 th Floor, Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi-74400 Tel. 7737670-2   KARACHI (EASTERN) 7Th Floor Jason Trade Centre, 39  A-I, PECHS, Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi. Tel. 4536880-3 HYDERABAD State Life Building, Thandi Sarak, Hyderabad. Tel. 9200180-4 MIRPURKHAS (SINDH) State Life Building, M.A  Jinnah Road, Mirpurkhas (sindh) Tel.9290201-08 SUKKUR State Life Building, Minara Road, Sukkur. Tel. 9310513-6 LARKANA State Life Building , Quaid-e-Awam  Road, Larkana. Tel; 9410807QUETTA 2nd  Floor, PIA   Building, Hali Road, Quetta Tel.9201603,  9202088   MULTAN REGION MULTAN State Life Building, Chowk Nawan Shaher, Abdali Road, Multan. Tel.   9200771-2   BAHAWALPUR 2nd Floor Alkarim Plaza, Circeular  Road, Bahawalpur. Tel.  9255299 contact us   Rahim Yar Khan Iqbal Complex , New Town Hall, Model Town, Rahim Yar Khan. Tel; 9230027, 9230032   SAHIWAL 2nd  Floor, Sattar  Complex, Stadium Road, P.O. No. 30,  Sahiwal Tel. 66606, 220225   D.G. Khan        Khalil Plaza, Block-18 Leghari Colony, Jumpur Road, Dera Ghazi Khan. Tel.  9260526,  9260531 CENTRAL REGION LAHORE(C) State Life  sequre, 4-Ghazi Ilm-ud-din  Shaheed Road, Lahore. Tel. 9210260-6, 9210736-45   LAHORE(W) State Life Sequre, 4- Ghazi Ilm-ud-din Shaheed Road, Lahore. Tel.9211744, 9211826 FAISALABAD State life Building , 2- Liaquat  Road , Faisalabad. Tel.  9200395-8 SARGODHA 40-civil lines , Green Plaza , College Road ,Sargodha. Tel. 9230624 GUJRANWALA 6 th Floor ,Din Plaza, G.T  Road Gujranwala. Tel. 9200284, 9200294 SIALKOT Siddique Plaza. Paris Road,Sialkot. Tel. 9250101, 9250102 NORTHERN REGION RAWALPINDI State  Life Building No.1, The Mall ,Rawalpindi Tel. 9271371-80   ISLAMABAD 3RD  Floor , state life building No.9 33-E, B                lue  Area, Islamabad. Tel. 9204150, 9204154 MIRPUR(A.K) Bary Mian Plaza, Sector F/1, Kotli Road, Mirpur (A.K) Tel.  33218 GUJRAT State life Buuilding, G.T  Road, Gujrat. Tel. 9260242, 9260241 ABBOTTABAD Farooqabad Plaza , Mansehra Road Abbottabad. Tel. 382516, 380924 PESHAWAR 3rd  Floor , state life building , 34-The Mall ,Peshawar Cantt Tel. 9211576-9,   9211582. SWAT Dream Plaza, Opp. Central Hospital, Saidu  Sharif, Sawat. ABBOTTABAD Farooqabad Plaza , Mansehra Road Abbottabad. Tel. 382516, 380924 PESHAWAR 3rd  Floor , state life building , 34-The Mall ,Peshawar Cantt Tel. 9211576-9,   9211582. SWAT Dream Plaza, Opp. Central Hospital, Saidu  Sharif, Sawat. Tel. 9240059,  9240063 Tel. 9240059,  9240063 contact us   [contact-form-7 id=”7″ title=”Contact form 1″]

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