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Committee Policy table 79

Committee Policy

This plan is anique short term savings and protection scheme through which the policyholder can get a lump sum amount of money at a specified time or on death (God Forbid), if earlier. The policy would be a Pak Rupees policy and hence all premiums and claims would be payable in Pak Rupees. This plan would not participate in the Actuarial Surplus of State Life. The premium paying mode of this plan would be quarterly.


Eligible ages and Terms:-

Minimum Age : 20 years
Maximum Age : 50 years
Terms Available: 3 and 5 years only.


Only Standard Lives shall be eligible to own the plan.


The minimum acceptable Sum Assured would be Rs. 75,000. The maximum Sum Assured under the plan will be as follows:

Age at entry
(Age nearest birthday)
Maximum Sum Assured
20 to 40 years 400,000
41 to 45 years 300,000
46 to 50 years 150,000


Premium is a level amount payable quarterly. It will be calculated as follows:
Basic Quarterly Premium = Sum Assured
Term of Assurance x 4

policy fee,extras for non-yearly mode and high sum assured rebate;

policy fee of rs 25/per quartly will be aplicable extras for non yearly mode and high sumassured rebate will not be payable


Term Insurance Rider (TIR) and/or Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) can be attached.subject to the usual underwriting rule .riders can only be attached on the commencent of the policy .term of the rider would be the same as the term of the basic policy.ADB this rider can only be attached only one time the basic sum assured

underwriting requirements;

all routine or additional underwriting requirements will be based on total sum at risk incoulding previous policies on payor s life as in the cause with other insurance policies.

the usual female underwriting requirements rules and procedure shall apply for TIR premium rates.

no back date is premissible under this plan


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