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introduction,a majority of our plans are life insurance plans.these plans primarily cover the risk of the untimely death of the life assured


.                                                                                                                          besides these plans, state life also offers various annuity plans, which provide a stream of payment to the annuitant. these annuity plans provide financial security to the annuitant by paying regular payments during the annuitant’s’lifetime.





an annuity is basically of two types

1- IMMEDIATE                                                                                                                                         these are the annuities in which the payment to the annuitant starts a short period after the policy is issued.

  2- DEFERRED                                                                                                                                               these are the annuities in which the payment to the annuitant will be deferred for a specified period after the issue of the policy, that is the payment to the annuitant will start after the number of years specified in the contract deferment period

  FEATURES                                                                                                                                         various features of  are as follows

1- in case of a life annuity, the payment are mad as long as the annuitant lives. this period depends on when the annuitant dies and could blog or short .                                                                                                    in fact, the annuitant may die after receiving only a few payments. counter this, the policyholder can choose a guarantee period.this is the minimum period for which payments would be made to the annuitant regardless of whether the annuitant survives. this period of time or not.if the annuitant services for a period longer then the guaranteed period then the payment would continue as long as the policyholder lives.

2- besides life annuity, there are also certain annuities which the payment is made for a specified period of time and not dependant on the life of any person.

3- in the case of deferred annuities, there is a deferment period. during the deferment period, no annuity payments are made.

4-immediate annuities are paid through a single premium. the premium for deferred annuities can be paid through a single or annual case of the annual premium, the payments are made during the deferment period.


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