The word insurance defines as a protection or guard shield from any kind of financial damage or loss. It can generally be regarded as an invulnerability against any kind of uncertain deprivation. The persons or companies that provide insurance facilities are commonly pronounced as underwriter, insurer or insuring companies.


what is the insurance policy?

insurance policy in insurance, the insurance policy is a contract among the insurer and the insured, known as the policyholder, which determines the claims which the […]

insurance industry in Pakistan

insurance industry in Pakistan the insurance penetration and density have remained very modest in comparison to different nations. but, the state of affairs has been improving […]

all insurance companies in pakistan

all  insurance companies in Pakistan Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd Alfalah Insurance Company Asia Insurance Company Ltd Askari General Insurance Company Ltd Atlas Insurance Ltd Chubb Insurance […]

islamic insurance

islamic insurance is a time period used for takaful that is a shape of insurance based totally on concepts of mutuality and co-operation, encompassing the factors […]