The word insurance defines as a protection or guard shield from any kind of financial damage or loss. It can generally be regarded as an invulnerability against any kind of uncertain deprivation. The persons or companies that provide insurance facilities are commonly pronounced as underwriter, insurer or insuring companies.


what is Individual health insurance ?

Individual health insurance the individual marketplace became often issue to clinical underwriting which made it tough for individuals with pre-present conditions to purchase coverage. the ACA […]

 Individual health insurance United States

Individual health insurance United States individually purchased health insurance is health insurance purchased directly by individuals, and not those provided through employers. Self-employed individuals receive a […]

major insurance types in United State

major insurance types in United State insurance in the USA is to divide the industry into life and health insurers, on the one hand, and property […]

why we purchase property insurance ?

why we purchase property insurance There are many reasons why you should purchase property insurance if you own a property. First, an insurance policy would protect […]