The word insurance defines as a protection or guard shield from any kind of financial damage or loss. It can generally be regarded as an invulnerability against any kind of uncertain deprivation. The persons or companies that provide insurance facilities are commonly pronounced as underwriter, insurer or insuring companies.


what is the nature of insurance?

nature of insurance insurance is a settlement between the insurance company (insurer) and the character or organization, wherein the insurer concurs to pay a positive amount […]

why we need insurance?

Why we need insurance The true meaning of the word Life Insurance made sense to me when my neighbor Raghu suddenly expired one morning. Raghu met […]

Why Term Insurance Buy?

why term insurance  buy existence is short and you can by no means expect what the destiny holds. to make certain that your circle of relatives […]

what is the basic of insurance policy?

basic of insurance policy Insurance Policy  is a contract between the insurer and the insured. The insured is also known as the policyholder. It contains the complete claims which the insurer is legally required […]