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HOSPITAL AND SURGICAL (H&S) rider can be attached to new Whole Life, Endowment  Insurance and Big Deal policies provided the sum assured of the basic policy is at least  Rs. 25,000 (one unit in case of big deal) The rider can also be attached to existing Whole Life and Endowment Assurance policies issued by the Corporation with sum assured Rs 25,000 or more subject to medical examination of the policyholder. The rider cannot be issued on its own.



The rider provides benefits in case of hospitalization, in State Life’s approved hospitals, as a  result of sickness or accident. It provides for the following three benefits;

(a)Room and Board Charges(Daily Limits Rs.90)

Actualy daily charges, but not exceeding the Daily Limit will be payable upto 30 days for any hospitalization.  Successive periods of hospitlization due to the same causeor to any complications arasing therefrom  are considerd as one hospitalization  unless more than 90 days  have elapsed between these hospitalization.

(b)  Hospital Services (maximum Rs. 610)

The actual amount charges for the following services rendered, but not exceeding the maximum for any hospitalizations.

-Use of opertion room, treatment rooms and equipment.

-Drugs and medicines,

-Dressing, ordinary splints and plaster casts,

-Laboratory examination,


-Basal  metabolisim tests,

-Phisical therapy, Anaesthesia and oxygen,

-X- Ray examinations(cost of X-Ray therapy, radium therapy , radium and isotopes are excluded),

-Intravenous injections and solutions

-Administration of blood and blood plasma(cost of blood and blood plasma excluded) and

-Ambulance service to  and/or from the hospital, not to exceeds the amount of the daily limit for any one hospitalization.

(c)Surgical   Benefits(surgical maximum Rs.1,200)

The maximum  amount payable  for each operation  are given in the schedule  of opertions  mentioned in the policy.If more than one surgical operation is performed by the same hospitalization, the total reimbursement  will not  exceed the surigical maximum  payment and will be  limited to the reimbursment of the amount expended by the assured ,subject to the protection of the hospital’s  official  statement of account and receipts , togather with a list of the item  claimed under (b) above.



On the paymentof double amount of premium specified for the rider the above-mentioned benefits and their limits will also be doubled under  this rider.


The rider does not cover any hospitalization for:-

(a)Any injury or illness caused directly or indirectly, wholly or partly by:

  • Self-destruction or intentionally self-inflicted injury or any attempted threat while sane or insane.
  • War, declared or un declared strikes, riots civil war, revolutions or a warlike operation.
  • Military or naval services in time in time of declared or undeclared war or while under orders for warlike operation or restorations of public order.
  • Any violation or attempted violation of the law of resistance to arrest.

(b)  1- mental or nervous disorder, chronic alcoholism, drug addiction  pulmonary tuberculosis after diagnosis

2-General check-up, physical therapy convalescence or custodial or reset care.

3- Injury or illness sustained or infirmity existent prior to. Or within four (4) weeks from, the date of commencement or the date of reinstatement of the rider.


Premium per Annum

Age nearest birthday                     Premium per annum

18-40 Years                                         Rs.330.00

41-45 Years                                         Rs.360.00

46-50 Years                                         Rs.4000.00



(A)At present the scheme is limited to persons living in or near cities where Hospitals and doctors have been approved by state life for hospitalization and medical examination respectively. Changes in residence to any of the cities covered by the scheme will be permissible without  affacting the benefits under the rider.In case however, a policyhoider changes his permanent residence to a city other than those covered by the scheme, he may, on request get the  rider  cancelled with a refund of the unearned portion of the premium onprorta basis.

(b)  All medical examination in connection with this rider will be performed by one of the doctors mentioned in the list of Examiners approved or this rider.

(c) This rider can be issued only to males and A Category Females between ages 18 and 50 years, who are classed as standered risks.

(d) This rider is not available with a policy on a quarterly or ordinary monthly payment. No action will be taken on the proposal if this   conditions is not fulfilld.

(e) A request for this rider  should be made in  the appropriate column under Questions  No.11 of the proposal  From.

(f) The rate of agency commission on additional premium for this rider would be the same as the basic policy  to which is attached.

(g) The premium  for this  rider may be increased by state life with effect  from any policy  anniversary  after  the third by giving at least three(3) month’s notice.


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